z. OLD CBI Electric


CBI-electric: low voltage, previously known as Circuit Breaker
Industries or CBI, is located in Johannesburg, South Africa.
CBI-electric: low voltage is a supplier of quality low voltage
electrical distribution, protection and control equipment. The
foundations of CBI were established in 1949 as a joint venture
within the then Heinemann Electric Company in Trenton, New
Jersey, USA. After a merger with Fuchs Electrical Industry during
1986, a new company called Circuit Breaker Industries (CBI) was
created. CBI-electric: low voltage is fully owned by Reunert, which is
listed on the JSE.

What we do for this brand (not limited to):
·         Brochures
·         Flyers
·         Posters
·         Signage
·         Pull-up banners
·         Banner walls
·         Promotional items

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