z. OLD Poltek


Custom Moulders® has been manufacturing plastic products for
over 40 years and producing POLTEK® for the poultry industry for
over 20. They have become the biggest producer of plastic poultry
products in Africa, and their knowledge of the harsh African climate
and tough farming conditions is used to produce products that are
stronger and last longer than most of their Asian or European
counterparts.  This is the reason they are trusted by farmers all over
the continent.

What we do for this brand (not limited to):
·         Show stands
·         Brochures
·         Flyers
·         Posters
·         Media plans
·         Media booking & placement
·         Print advertisements
·         Signage
·         On-pack stickers
·         Pull-up banners
·         Banner walls
·         Gazebos
·         2D & 3D pack shots
·         Product photography
·         Promotional items
·         Branded clothing
·         Websites
·         Email signatures
·         Business cards
·         Vehicle branding

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