z. OLD Kimberly-Clark Professional*


Kimberly-Clark Professional* partners with businesses to create
Exceptional Workplaces* helping to make them safer, healthier, and
more productive. As a leading global supplier, our offerings include
industrial supplies, food processing compliant wipes, and innovative
washroom solutions. Our world-class brands include KLEENEX®,
SCOTT®, WYPALL*, JACKSON SAFETY* and more. The combination
of high quality products, our purpose designed solutions and
superior customer service will mean better outcomes for your

What we do for this brand (not limited to):
·         In-store promotions & banners
·         Promotional emailers
·         Pull-up banners
·         Banner walls
·         Print advertisements
·         Brochures
·         Catalogues
·         Flyers
·         Product photography
·         Promotional items
·         Branded clothing
·         Campaigns
·         Year-end gifts

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