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Aligning the Journey of the Buyer & Seller

The Buyers’ Journey

Business buyers don’t just wake up in the morning and decide to purchase something, they go on a journey:

  • First, buyers have no problem (or think they don’t),
  • Then they do,
  • Then they know what they need in a solution,
  • Then they consider their options,
  • Then they choose between those options,
  • And finally their purchase solves the problem.

Depending on the business, it may take months or even years for the stages to play out. But the selling process does not – and cannot – precisely follow this path. There are steps the seller must take that are important for the seller but which are not part of the buyer’s journey.

So how do you align the journeys of the buyer and seller?

Marketing is a crucial means of identifying and managing the steps in the journey.

Ignite Possibilities

An internal event with a space theme “Ignite Possibilities” was brought to life with decor that transported delegates into outer space.

Ignite Possibilities - Astronaut greeting new arrivals
Astronaut greeting new arrivals

A powerful backdrop of man on the moon made a convincing statement that anything is possible.

The astronaut greeted everyone at the door each morning with a FUEL PACK containing snacks for the journey.

Stars in the dark sky, asteroids and fiery red lighting that also changed to blue were introduced at different stages of presentations.

Ignite Possibilities 2 - Hanging asteroid
Hanging asteroids

Centre pieces on the tables were updated to suit presentations. Edible cake pops were iced to resemble planets.

Give-aways were themed for the space travel with special asteroid boxes that had to be broken open to reveal a gift.

Beautifully branded notebooks at each place setting were there to record the journey. And a stunning kit of goodies useful for the desk space were a delight for all.

Inspirational quotes surrounded the room as a constant reminder to go beyond.